Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Company has always specialized in the field erection of stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and carbon steel plate vessels and tanks. Whether Process Tanks, Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Steel Stacks, Digesters, Scrubbers, Silos, Bins and Hoppers or Stainless Steel Structural Beams, Chattanooga Boiler & Tank has a reputation as one of the best steel plate erectors in the country. We are proud of this reputation and take every possible action to ensure that each and every job is completed in the most efficient and productive manner without compromising quality of product or the safety of our employees. Chattanooga Boiler & Tank's highly trained field-erection crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be on-site within a day.

Chattanooga Boiler & Tank’s field erection crews can field assemble a shop-fabricated vessel, or completely erect a tank, from rolled steel. Our crews are willing to, and do, work anywhere in the nation. Just recently, CB&T has had field crews in Idaho and Maine. Our field crews work with both material originally fabricated from CB&T’s shop and material provided by the customer.

To learn more about Chattanooga Boiler & Tank’s field erection crews, or to submit a project for a bid, please contact our Sales Department through Email or telephone at (423) 266-7118.

Cooperation is Key

Our customers in the Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Power and Chemical Industry speak highly of Chattanooga Boiler & Tank’s field erection crews because we go to great lengths to ensure that the entire project excels. Our field foremen recognize that cooperation is very important and that good communication helps both our crews and the other contractors and will improve the bottom line as well. Our crews are expert in finishing a project in a quick, efficient manner, causing the minimum of plant disruption, without sacrificing safety concerns or the quality of our workmanship. To this end, Chattanooga Boiler & Tank employs a stringent safety and quality assurance program. Both of these programs are practiced on every level of Chattanooga Boiler & Tank’s operations. In fact, our last five major field projects have been completed without even a first aid case and we were awarded several national safety awards for our performance on major stack erection projects.