How to Know When to Replace your Pressure Tank

Pressure tanks are major investments for companies, so it can be difficult to consider replacing them. It can also be challenging knowing when to replace a pressure vessel. Obviously, if a vessel is no longer working, performing poorly, or requiring extensive repairs, it is time to replace the tank. However, there may be some reasons for replacing your pressure vessel that are not as obvious. For example, regulations may change, new and improved designs may be introduced to the industry, or there may be a need to improve performance across all processes. In today’s Tank Talk, we will discuss some of these less obvious reasons, as well as how they may overlap.

  1. Improving Performance - Pressure tanks and vessels face stress daily, as obvious in their name. Overtime, this extreme stress can degrade the overall performance of the vessel. Sometimes, even before the expected life cycle of the product draws to a close, the performance of the vessel can be reduced significantly. Obviously, sometimes performance issues can be resolved simply by repairs, but sometimes repairs and maintenance can be very costly, and it may end up being more cost effective to replace the entire vessel. Also, replacement can sometimes improve performance even better than simply repairing the original vessel or tank.

  2. Changes in Regulations - Keeping a pulse on the conversations in the regulation arena is vital for any company that relies on pressure vessels. Environmental regulations and code changes mean that companies must ensure that their pressure vessels are in compliance. Sometimes, a pressure vessel may be able to be retro-fitted, but other times, a change in regulations means that an entire vessel may need to be replaced.

  3. New Materials & Designs - Just because our company has been around for over 100 years doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped innovating. We make sure that we are knowledgable about new designs and materials that are being introduced to the industry because they can provide enhanced efficiency for our clients.

While a repair may sometimes do the job, the replacement of pressure tanks may be in the best interest of your company for multiple reasons, especially changes in regulations, the introduction of new designs or materials, and an opportunity to improve the vessel’s performance.