Tanks for the Oil & Refining Industries

The oil and refining industries literally make the world around us go by providing petroleum to fuel our vehicles, as well as other companies in the manufacturing industry, chemical industry, and electrical generation industry. Because of the importance of these oils, but also the environmental and health concerns that surround the industry, it is crucial to have safe storage for companies that handle oil.

We believe that safety is vital in all industries that we fabricate tanks for, but we especially know that this is a concern in the oil and refining industry because of the external scrutiny that these industries are under. We work alongside companies in the oil and refining industry to comply with all the safety regulations that are specific to this industry.

Because we also fabricate tanks for companies that handle water storage and wastewater treatment, we are incredibly familiar with the chemical injection tanks that are often used in both the water treatment industry and the oil industry. These tanks are used to house chemicals that refine and minimize corrosion.

We have had over 100 years of experience in manufacturing custom tanks that are durable and reliable enough to withstand the pressures that are constant in the oil and refining industry. With our shop fabrication teams, as well as our on-site fabrication teams, we can work alongside your company to provide a tank that fulfills the needs of your company.

We’ve been around for over a century for a reason! Give us a call if we can help you.