Start to Finish - Design to Fabrication

Custom projects are one of our favorite parts of the fabrication industry. Taking a client’s idea all the way through from inception to fabrication gives us immense pride.

When a customer comes to us with an idea or a problem that needs a customized solution, we are proud to have a top-notch engineering department housed inside of our Chattanooga manufacturing location. This team is a vital part of the custom fabrication process because they work alongside the customer with a cost-efficient solution. This team is especially crucial in bringing an idea from a client into a fully fabricated product; they come alongside our customers to shape their idea into something that can actually be manufactured successfully up to necessary codes.

Since our engineering team is strategically located on the same site as our fabrication shop, this team can work closely with the actual fabricators to bring a design to fruition. The collaboration between these two teams enable any conflicts between the initial design and the fabrication process to be addressed efficiently and thoroughly. This collaboration also makes sure that the finished product is durable and strong.

We also believe that the fabricator can collaborate and communicate best when both are located close-by and able to work face-to-face. This full-service process enables our team to offer the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients. The fabrication process is not a lone wolf mission, it is a chance for two teams with a variety of skills to work together to ensure the successful fabrication of a customer’s project.

Having both fabrication and engineering teams that work so closely together enables Chattanooga Boiler & Tank to be a “one-stop-shop” for all your fabrication needs, especially projects that must meet industry standards.

To learn more about our custom fabrication process and how all the parts of our team work together for the benefit of our customer, please contact us or request a quote.