Not Just Storage Tanks!

When people think of CB&T, they automatically think of storage tanks for industries like the pulp, chemical, and water industries. We get it, because our crews have made an incredible name for themselves for the quality of work they’ve done across the country. But our crews do much more than that! We want to highlight one of the custom fabrication projects we recently performed for the Washington D.C. Metro System. 

The Washington D.C. Metro’s Shady Grove station is the second-busiest station in Montgomery County with over 11,000 people every weekday boarding the metro. The station first opened in 1985, and in 2018, a plan was made to increase capacity of the station. One of the most important points of this was adjusting the stairway.

Once the stairway renovation happened, that’s where our team came in. Our custom fabrication team built a beautiful cover for the stairwell and escalator that both provides coverage from the rain and an incredibly visually appealing focal point for the station.

Our team has a wide-range of experience in designing and building unique architectural structures that are installed in public facilities across the country, including the nation’s capital! Our craftsmen and support staff take extreme measures to ensure the unique structures they design are fabricated to the highest standards and strive to create good quality, long-lasting products for communities to enjoy. We think the community in Montgomery County that uses the Shady Grove Station are definitely enjoying the stairwell overhang during the spring rain and winter snow!