Stainless Steel for Chemical Storage

For chemical plants all over the country, stainless steel is a common and effective material choice. Stainless steel is strong and incredibly resistant to corrosion. It is useful for fluid systems, but it is also worth considering when your company has a larger design to build. Here are three reasons your company should consider stainless steel for your company’s structural elements:

1. Corrosion-resistant - If chemicals are involved in your company’s work, you are probably dealing with oxidizers and/or acids, even if your product is inert. These can often cause damage to many building materials. For example, even basic bleach can corrode wooden surfaces, concrete, and rebar. However, stainless steel is known for its resistance to a wide inventory of chemicals whether they are consistently exposed to it intentionally or if something is spilled. 

2. Adaptability - If you face a need to modify equipment or storage tanks, stainless steel can be adjusted in ways that other materials often used cannot. For example, our team can repair and maintain stainless steel welded structural elements on-site! With many other materials, repairs and changes like this cannot be done easily. 

3. Easy to Clean - Stainless steel can handle any type of cleaning process that you may need to run based on your fluid systems. By decreasing the number of cleaning processes required to get everything clean and sanitized, your company will decrease costs. The ease of cleaning makes stainless steel one of the easiest structural shapes to keep maintained. 

If you think that your company could benefit from stainless steel structural elements, please reach out to us!