Pride in Our Work

Here at Chattanooga Boiler & Tank, we pride ourselves in being efficient and finding ways to work well in our client’s budgets. We know that it is costly to run a successful business, but we strive to work alongside our customers to ensure satisfaction with both our work and our price. Our engineering capabilities allow us to provide cost effective solutions to the individual and specific needs of our customers.

While we are always attuned to the budgetary needs of our clients, that doesn’t mean that we ever cut corners or make decisions that don’t line up with our high standards. We work to hire the best Quality Assurance staff. We make sure that the steel plate and carbon steel tanks and vessels that we craft are build with our many years of experience also matches with our superior inspection techniques. 

Any company can fabricate steel tanks, but our ability to test and interpret results in house to get inspections completed efficiently without waiting on an external lab sets Chattanooga Boiler & Tank apart. We are then able to implement corrective procedures immediately, which can further save in time and cost. Our team of field erection crews are regularly tested to ensure that the quality of our field constructed structures meets the same high standards we hold for our shop fabricated structures. Chattanooga Boiler & Tank manufactures stainless steel and duplex stainless steel tanks and vessels that meet the API 650, API 620, API 630, ASME VIII and AWWA D100 Specifications. 

We believe that all we do should be done to meet the high standards we hold for ourselves, but we also pride ourselves in winning multiple industry awards for our Quality Assurance and code compliance. If Chattanooga Boiler & Tank can assist you with our high-quality fabrication work, please contact us at (423) 266-7118.